Cannon: 27-page preview of Wally Wood's sex-and-violence comic strip

More than a few comic book aficionados rank Wally Wood as the greatest cartoonist of all time (he's in my top five, along with Carl Barks, Jack Kirby, Robert Crumb, and Daniel Clowes). This Fantagraphics anthology of Wood's Cannon is being widely praised in advance of its release. Love and Rockets' co-creator Gilbert Hernandez says, "Cannon is like a punch in the face with a cement-filled giant salami." There's no finer testimonial than that.

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Wally Wood's incredible "Fully Computerized" illustration

Thom Buchanan of The Pictorial Arts says of this mind-boggling Wally Wood illustration:

This piece by Wally Wood, which I don't think was for EC [the comic book company that published MAD, Weird Science, and Tales from the Crypt], is genius for its organized complexity—seemingly effortless in its execution. Zoom in on the figures and see how fully realized they are! I cannot overuse the word when it comes to EC guys—they were geniuses!

Wally Wood's incredible "Fully Computerized" illustration