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Video: museum home of Oddities' Ryan Matthew Cohn

The always-excellent Midnight Archive visits artist and Oddities host Ryan Matthew Cohn and his massive collection of skulls, shrunken heads, and other curiosities.

Museum inside a freight elevator


MuseummmmHidden inside a nondescript freight elevator in a NYC TriBeCa alley lies Museum, a delightful cabinet-of-curiosities drawing from weird collections around the globe. Museum is now open for its second season and includes such items as: "Personal Ephemera from Al Goldstein, The Rocks and Tools from Tom Sach's Mars expedition, Objects Made For Prisoners or by Prisoners in US Prisons, Fake Vomit from Around the World, Tip Jars collected by Jim Walrod, Surf and Turf Potato Chips, and more."


"Preserved" plushies in jars


ShelllllfffCanadian artist Ian Baxter's "Animal Preserve" series from 1999 featured hundreds of stuffed animals "preserved" in liquid-filled jars neatly organized on shelves. (via FP)

Discovery Box: pre-stocked cabinet of curiosity for kids


The World Discovery Box looks to be a fantastic starter wunderkammer for kids (and adults)! The cabinet of curiosity is preloaded with rocks, fossils, shells, bugs in lucite, and other natural and scientific wonders, plus plenty of space to add your own oddities. It's available in three sizes, priced from $75 to $289. What a great idea!

Craphound wunderkammer man-cave to beat all

Alex in Sydney, Australia collects everything except "glassware & porcelain (unless it holds beer of course)" and he has an enormous shed in which he arranges his many collections "just-so" for best breathtakingness:
* Tools: workshop / garden / unusual tools (rustier the better - de-rusting is a favorite pastime)
* Oil Cans, oilers, grease guns.
* Still Cameras / Movie Cameras / Slide Projectors / Movie Projectors and related items.
* Breweriana: drink trays, tankards/steins, cork screws, soda siphons, coasters, bottles etc
* Militaria: esp trench art
* Weaponry: faux: guns, swords, spears, jousting lance, mace, battle axe, war hammer etc
* Native Spears n Bows (some real and some faux)
* Maritime: boats, oars, rowlocks, telescopes, ship lights, ship candle holder etc
* Fishing: rods, reels, baskets, hooks, floats, lures, nets, spear-guns etc
* Pirate related (how do you know if you're a pirate? . . . you just argh!)
* Kitchenalia (yes it's sad - but I like anything old - and they're sort of tools?)
The man cave to beat all man sheds - collecting wise (Thanks, Uncle Wilco, via Submitterator)