The Nerdy Dozens

I'm posting geek "yo momma" jokes to my Twitter feed, and people who think that sort of nonsense is amusing have been replying with even funnier ones that I'm retweeting in an infinite circle of endless insult lulz. Here are a few selections.

  • Yo momma so ugly, she make goatse cry for a unicorn chaser. (@xenijardin)
  • Yo momma so fat THX can't even surround her. (@mustardhamsters)
  • Yo momma so dumb, she went to the dentist and asked for a bluetooth.(@seanbonner)
  • Yo momma so stupid, she thinks the Large Hadron Collider is a gay porn film.(@xenijardin)
  • Yo momma's so big and ugly she lies dreaming in R'lyeh.(@Orlovsky)
  • Yo momma so fat she doesn't just have a low center of gravity, she has an elliptical orbit.(@seanmoriva)
  • Yo momma so old, she's an arguing point between Creationists and Evolutionists. (@Nightwyrm)
  • Yo Momma so fat, even Ralph Lauren's Photoshop team can't help her ass. (@rawkreative)
  • Yo momma so old she goes on carbon dates. (@sfslim)
  • Yo momma so dense she got her own event horizon. (@sfslim)
  • Yo momma so weak physicists have unified her with electromagnetism. (@sfslim)
  • Your momma is so fat NASA shot a rocket into her ass looking for water. (@tbias)
  • Yo momma so fat, she took geometry in high school just cause she heard there was gonna be some pi. (@MatthewMors)
  • Yo mamma so fat, China uses her to block the internet. (@thelizupdate )

Follow me for more if you like. I promise not to tweet other crap at least for the rest of the day, so you can tune in to nothing but yo momma jokes without having to endure me talking about what I ate for lunch or what I'm the mayor of, or whatever.