Church carnival "Alien Attack" game invites you to shoot President Obama (bonus: bank-robbing she-clown!)

[photo courtesy, click for large size]

Visitors to the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Big Time carnival last week in Roseto, PA (a small borough, population 1600), were invited to play "Alien Attack," a midway game shown above in which you shoot an effigy of U.S. president Barack Obama. Six shots for $5! Note the presidential seal belt-buckle (all presidents wear this), the target on the forehead, and the "Health Bill" scroll he's clutching. Oh, and the Troll Doll with a KISS t-shirt? Nice touch.

The local paper got an awful lot of mileage out of the story. Carny operator Irvin L. Good Jr., president of Hellertown, PA-based Goodtime Amusements, was adamant that the game was not a representation of the president—at least he was 'til the secret service guys showed up:

"Yes, a woman talked to me about it," Good said today. "She said she was offended by it. I said if you are, you might want to be. But you're interpreting it as being Obama. We're not interpreting it as Obama. The name of the game is 'Alien Leader.' If you're offended, that's fine, we duly note that." When it was suggested the health bill and presidential seal might lead players to believe the game did depict Obama, Good said, "You may be right there."

The entire original article is pure awesome.

Incidentally, might just be my favorite new news source. The "Obama game outrage" coverage blew up last week, but today the paper reports even more local crazytime: "Bethlehem Township, Pa., police today released a surveillance photo of a woman dressed in a clown suit who on Friday allegedly robbed a township bank."

She told police she had been abducted, and was forced to rob the bank by an unknown man who threatened to kill her and her children. Hey, at least he didn't make her take bong hits.