Kickstarter: "Serpent Twins," mobile sculptures for Burning Man

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Early SRL (Survival Research Laboratories) member and metalworking master Jon Sarriugarte and creative partner Kyrsten Mate have been the subject of many, many Boing Boing posts, Boing Boing Video episodes, and fun experiences we've had offline.

Now they have a new project in the works: "The Serpent Twins – mobile sculptures for Burning Man." They're raising funds for it on Kickstarter.

These twin sculptures are the embodiment of the Serpent mythology that exists in numerous cultures throughout the world. The first is Jormungand, a dark harbinger of doom that Thor fights to save the human race in Nordic myths. His body comprised of blackened steel, he shoots fire from his mouth to prove his dominance over mortals. His twin, the bright Julunggul, shines in the sun and lights the night from within its 50' body. She serves man by swallowing boys and spitting them out as men. They should both be fantastical in the old fashioned sense of the word!

What are we asking for? Specifically, here are where all the donations will be going. We received an honorarium from Burning Man, which is wondrous, but we now need to raise the balance of the funds needed to complete the project. In addition, we have expanded the scope of our original sculptures to include many fantastic features that require expensive technology. The most expensive of these are 6 times the amount of LEDs along with all the programming moduals to control them and batteries to power them. Wonderfully, Benny of Cool Neon ( is working with us, but the materials costs alone are staggering. Additionally, there were a number of items that were excluded from the original bid including generators, transportation costs, propane for the fire breathing Jormungand, etc. Truly, whatever money we raise will be put towards not only the completion, but the artistic expansion of the project.

More about the project, and benefits for those who kick in, at Kickstarter page and at the Serpent Twins website.

More images from the project below. Click to make 'em larger.