Historical novel tells the story of San Francisco's profit-sharing madam and the cops who betrayed her

Hank Chapot sez, "You've published two links to my research about the 1937 police corruption scandals in San Francisco, November and February, 'the long lost Atherton Report.' After all the research, I wrote a novel. 'Bordello Politique'. Its an e-book available in most formats on most sites. Dolly Fine was the first profit sharing madam, she enrolled her girls in Social Security. She was wiretapped, raided and dragged before the Atherton grand jury. First woman in California indicted for contributing to the delinquency of (8) minors."

When Dolly's elegant brothels are raided without warning, she is outraged. Her houses are raided, her girls are jailed, her money is stolen, and she's dragged before a grand jury to testify against the cops she's been bribing for years. As if that isn't bad enough, she loses her immunity when her bail bondsman/crime boss buddy is named the "fountainhead of corruption" in an expensive, incendiary civil investigation called the Atherton Report. The good citizens of San Francisco command the mayor and the police commission to crack down on gambling, good-time girls and crooked cops, and Dolly is left high and dry. She tries to save herself but can't count on anyone—can the city really come clean? Bordello Politique is a true crime story from a city searching for its center between the Great Depression and the World's Fair.

Bordello Politique

(Thanks, Hank!)