Cthulhu tiki mug

Jonathan Chaffin has discovered the true purpose of crowdfunding: producing cthulhoid tiki mugs. The project is funded and more-than-funded, but there's still time to stump up for a $40 horror in which to serve your Mai Tai R'lyeh. Or kick in more and get a whole contrafactual universe worth of tik-th-ul-hu kipple.

As incentive, the rewards are not just cunning bits of practical design (matchbooks and the like), but all of the rewards house clues and hints about the origin of the mug and the idol on which it is based. A lifetime of tabletop RPGs and short horror fiction led me to design an entire history for the Horror In Clay tiki mug. The tale is told through ephemera, coasters, and matchbooks. I even tied them into other horror works. Oh, and I have a colophon if anyone asks. I will be posting all kinds of information about creating the mug, short videos, hints about the back story, and whatever else I think of as updates through out the kickstarter, so stay tuned! (Among other things, I have the outtakes from the video shoot which are pretty funny in their own right).

The Horror In Clay Cthulhu tiki mug production run

(via IO9)