Nine Worlds Geekfest in London this weekend, including sneak peek at UK edition of Homeland

Today's post brought some early copies of the UK edition of Homeland, the sequel to my novel Little Brother. Officially, Homeland isn't out in the UK until the 20th of September, but attendees at this weekend's Nine Worlds Geekfest in London will be able to score their own copies. I'm doing a ton of programme items there (including a launch party on Saturday at 1PM!), and if you catch me before or after one, I'll even sign it!

* The Future, Sat, 10AM, Somerset Room, with Charles Stross, Helen Keen and Lilian Edwards

* Launch Party for Cory Doctorow's 'Homeland', with Titan Books, Sat, 13h, Bar

* Debate: is our Future Utopian or Dystopian? SF Authors Decide, Sat, 1345h, George I, with Charles Stross, Tom Hunter, Jaine Fenn and Tricia Sullivan

* Cyberpunk: The Dystopian Prism/Prison, Sat, 17h, Marlborough Room, with Charles Stross, Kieron Gillen, Jan Wagner, Helen Keen, Rafal Praszczalek, Antoni Strzalkowski and Dr. Demis Hassabis

* Teenage Kicks: Writing for Young Adult Audiences, Sat, 2030h, George I, with Amanda Rutter, Liz de Jager, Tom Pollock and Catherine Banner

Nine Worlds Convention, 9–11 August 2013, London, United Kingdom