Crowdfunding a new Geek-a-Week deck

Len sez, "Back in 2010, I spent one year interviewing and drawing 52 geeks. I called the project Geek A Week. During that first year, I was able to interview some of the brightest luminaries in the geek world including Stan Lee, Neil Gaiman, Kevin Smith, Guillermo Del Toro even Boing Boing's own Cory Doctorow.

Earlier today, I launched a new Kickstarter campaign to do it all over again."

$25 gets you a PDF and $42 gets you a printed deck.

I want to draw 52 new geeks (more than half are accounted for right now) including comic writer Mark Millar, musician Amanda Palmer, Cards Against Humanity creator Max Temkin, cartoonist John Kovalic and animator Pendelton Ward of Adventure Time. It's obviously a very ambitious project and need a lot of support to make this happen. So check it out and support it, if you choose. At the very least, you should come to watch the fun little video I recorded with my 6 year old daughter.

Geek A Week: Year Five Two

(Thanks, Len!)