Taxidermied teacup tauntaun made from antique ram's head

Rogue taxidermist Lupa writes, "This is my latest altered taxidermy piece: an antique Corsican ram taxidermy mount turned into the fluffier, cuddlier–and smaller–cousin of the Common Tauntaun, complete with information booklet ('The Tragic Treatise of the Teacup Tauntaun'). It's a piece I made for a Star Wars themed group show this May at an art gallery here in Portland."

The first part of the accompanying bit of fan fiction that gives some background on this wee beastie (specially bred as a get-rich-quick scheme by one of the lesser Hutts) can be found here.

The second half will be posted on my blog tomorrow, 4/29.

And here's information on the group show it'll be a part of.

The Teacup Tauntaun.

(Thanks, Lupa!)