Tisha Cherry turns food into tributes to classic art

Food artist Tisha Cherry transforms everyday edibles into tributes to iconic works of art; as she explains, her motivations are a combination of an affinity for bad puns and a desire to turn "the mundane into the magical from palette to palate."

Where did you gain the skill to craft such detailed and tiny images using food? Tell us a bit about your techniques.
It's not so much a technical skill as it is being resourceful and putting "the pieces" together. It's about finding the right ingredient to mimic color and the right utensil to manipulate that ingredient. I use whatever I have in the kitchen: chopsticks, toothpicks, kitchen shears, fruit carving knife, etc. And if I make a mistake, I just eat it!

I'm curious…do you deliberately set out a time to make these creations, or does it just happen when you're already eating and get a sudden urge to play with your food?
No, there really is not a set "food art time." I just decide what I want to eat and my mind will just wander off the plate. Often times I find myself in a situation where there are ingredients I want to play with but I don't because I'm really hungry or I don't want to be rude at restaurants.

Tisha Cherry

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