Jack Kirby's glorious, psychedelic Lord of Light black-light posters

Heavy Metal is bringing a limited-edition set of black-light posters depicting Jack Kirby's gorgeous Lord of Light concept art, whose beauty is only outstripped by its incredibly strange origin-story.

Kirby originally produced the drawings as concept art for a film and themepark adaptation of Roger Zelazny's classic novel Lord of Light. But the work was then used by the CIA in their mission to free hostages from the American embassy in Tehran, presented as artwork for the imaginary film Argo, a ruse that was immortalized in the Oscar winning film Argo.

The Kirby art was colored by Mark Englert, and the limited-edition posters will be offered for sale at this year's SDCC.

Barry Geller/Jack Kirby prints from Lord of Light [Heavy Metal]

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(via IO9)