Bird wedged in car roof is freed and survives, thanks its savior by pooping

Ron Holan, the man who shot and uploaded this amazing video, says:

While driving over the mountains in Norway I saw a bird passing over my front window and assumed it got killed.

After some 5-6km I stopped to take a photo of snow in June and when I got back I heard a scratching noise comming from my roof. I got out and found this bird wedged in between the roof and ski box. It was 2-3 degrees Celsius + windchill so I warmed it up in my car for about 10 minutes. Before I opened the door and let the bird fly free, it pooped on my door. Maybe as a "thank you", I don't know. =P And this happened today on my birthday! Double yey! :D The video was shot and edited on my mobile phone.