If Iceland held its elections today, the Pirate Party would win

Pirate Party MP Birgitta Jonsdottir has long sat in the Icelandic parliament, later joined by two more MPs, being part of the reform movement that has repudiated the Icelandic establishment, which helped drive the planet to the brink of ruin through corrupt banking practices.

But the Icelandic Pirates have a broad platform (including asylum for Edward Snowden), one that has found favor with the Icelandic public, who, according to a recent poll, would give 38.1% of the vote to the party if the election were held today.

The survey, carried out by 365 Media, found that The Independence Party
is roughly maintaining the 27.6% of the vote it achieved in the 2013 elections. However, The Progressives have dropped from 24.4% to 12.8%.

If that prediction plays out the two parties combined would plummet from the 63 seats they currently hold to just 27, meaning that if people went to the polls today the parties would lose their parliamentary majority.

In fact, as the Grapevine frames it, not only are the Pirates now the country's largest political party, but no two-party ruling coalition could be formed in Iceland without including the Pirates.


(Image: Iceland's Pirate Party Increases Election Lead, Day Donaldson, CC-BY)