This wilderness helicopter pilot and his trusty dog co-pilot have the best life

His name is Mister Bentley, and he's an English Bulldog, and yes these incredible photos of this dog flying in a helicopter over the most beautiful wilderness along Canada's western coast are real.

Bradley Friesen is a helicopter pilot based in Vancouver, Canada. His YouTube channel and Instagram feed are full of delightful images from the air, with this wonderful pup as his co-pilot. Who's a good doggie?

Mister Bentley is an English Bulldog "living the puppy dream" with his helicopter human. The dog is 4 years old, no word on the pilot. Mister Bentley has his own Instagram feed.

Flying down Howe Sound, just before sunset and a change in weather.

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Getting my co-pilot, @mrbentley_thedog ready for the flight.

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