Kickstarting two YA fantasy novels from the press behind the Young Explorer's Adventure Guide

Jenise writes, "Dreaming Robot Press is a teensy little publisher in New Mexico trying to fill a much-needed niche: they publish science fiction for children. In particular, they publish the Young Explorer's Adventure Guide, an annual anthology of SF short stories, most of which are for middle grades readers written by such luminaries as Nancy Kress and Beth Cato."

My pre-teen loves the anthology, and I'm a little more comfortable with her reading that than the Joe Haldeman novels she keeps sneaking off my shelves.

Now Dreaming Robot Press is branching out into publishing fantasy novels. Their current Kickstarter promotes two new novels: The Demon Girl's Song by Susan Jane Bigelow, who's well known for her Extrahumans series, and A Witch's Kitchen by Dianna Sanchez. The Kickstarter funded in its first seven hours! Get your preorder in soon – the Kickstarter ends May 17th – and support a small press doing big things.

You can hear more about the Kickstarter on the Sci-Fi Saturday Night live podcast tonight at 8PM EST.

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[Dreaming Robot Press/Kickstarter]