Grass sprouted in worn Persian rugs

Austrian artist Martin Roth created an installation of grass sprouted in worn Persian rugs at the UK's Korean Cultural Centre; the grass sprouts, dies, and ruins the rugs. In between, the room looks and (apparently) smells amazing.

presented from now through november 19, 2016 as part of koo jeong A.'s 'riptide' at the korean cultural centre UK, roth's installation sees a sea of persian rugs brought to life with the cultivation of grass. informed by the representations of botanical life in rug weavings, roth has created a literal garden within the gallery, whose ephemerality and limited lifespan is matched by its inherently experiential quality. the damp smell of the grass and its evolving growth, difficult to appreciate through photographic documentation, recalls the futility that is often at the core of roth's work, where action can be fruitless — in this case, the grass will die off and the rugs will be ruined.

Persian Rugs Sprout Patches of Greenery for Martin Roth's Living Installation
[Nina Azzarello/Designboom]

(via Crazy Abalone)