(UPDATE: Yep they reversed this too) Trump reverses vow to take #MuslimBan to U.S. Supreme Court

Update, 330pm PT: Aaaaand it looks like the White House just issued statements that reverse everything they said a half hour ago.

Less than 24 hours after Donald Trump lost his #MuslimBan appeal in court and subsequently tweeted 'SEE YOU IN COURT!' to the courts, he flip-flopped. Like he does.

An unnamed White House staff member today told CNN Trump will not be seeing the court in court, which probably terrified the court, which would of course be scared of being a court.

The administration is now promising some kind of do-over on Trump's January executive order intended to halt entry into the U.S. from seven primarily Muslim nations.

From CNN:

The decision to not go to the Supreme Court comes as the White House is examining several options to save President Donald Trump's controversial executive order on immigration, sources say.

The White House is working on "possible tweaks" to the executive order, according to a source in close contact with the White House on national security issues. Another possibility is writing a new order altogether, a source familiar with the process said.

A new order would be more narrowly tailored than the one issued two weeks ago, the source said, such as explicitly stating that it does not apply to legal permanent residents.

An administration official familiar with the process tells CNN the possibility of issuing a new or revised executive order is being contemplated, but nothing has been confirmed.

"Nothing's off the table," one White House official said.

Questions on next steps have swirled since Thursday evening when the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals refused to lift of temporary restraining order on Trump's executive order barring foreign nationals from Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Iraq and Yemen from entering the country for 90 days, all refugees for 120 days, and all refugees from Syria indefinitely.

And about this next passage, I wonder if this unnamed source taking the Trump administration's Department of Justice representative out to the woodshed was… Spicey? Trump has a long history of never taking responsibility for any failures, and of blaming those nearest to him, and punishing them. He is nothing if not consistent. Again, from CNN:

An official tells CNN that administration officials were not happy with the DOJ lawyer's performance during the oral arguments before the three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit and thought he was not as prepared as he should have been for the arguments against Washington and Minnesota, the states that challenged Trump's executive order.

The source said it's clear the judges asked more about merits than the government lawyer anticipated, and he stumbled on simple arguments concerning the states' standing, or ability to challenge, the order.

The Trump train looks wobblier every day.