Trump admits firing Comey to impede investigation into "Trump and Russia"

In an interview with NBC News, president Donald Trump let slip the real reason he fired FBI Director James Comey – a reason all know and understand, but which was so far fig-leaved by various lurching cover stories.

Why didn't Lester Holt follow-up on each gift of a response from Trump? Because Lester Holt is incapable of reacting to even the most revealingly stupid answers. He just moves on to the next question. Trump could have said "Putin told me to have him found in a ditch, but you know, we can be subtle," and Holt would have stared at him a moment, then asked "Were you angry with Comey?"

Which leads us to an important reminder, the thing Trump knows that gives him the security to just blather out any answer he believes will make him look reasonable right now: nothing will happen.