The 'best' Chewbacca impressions these 100 people could muster up on demand

Fans of Star Wars can undoubtedly hear what Chewbacca, the most notable of all the Wookiees, sounds like in their heads. But could they do a decent impression of him on demand?

Watch this video to hear 100 people attempt to speak a little Shyriiwook, Chewie's dialect.

Spoiler alert: Most of these impressions are simply terrible. You have been warned.

And, in case you've been living under a rock, Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens this week in theaters. Read the rest

Chewbacca beanbag

I don't go gaga over Star Wars merch like some folks do, but I can't help but appreciate this Chewbacca beanbag from PBTeen. It's pretty great, though for $279 it should probably include some eyes and a roar function. Read the rest

Adam Savage and John Hodgman cosplay as 'Twobacca' at Comic-Con

“My friend John Hodgman had never cosplayed before,” says Boing Boing pal Adam Savage, “So I invited him to walk the floor with me at Comic-Con as Chewbacca. (He's on the left.).”

Lordy, there are tapes. Read the rest

How to hack that nutty electronic Chewbacca mask

Remember that video showing the overwhelming glee of the woman enjoying her new Chewbacca mask? Our hyper talented maker pal John Park recorded this instructional video on hacking the Chewbacca Electronic Mask so you can upload any sounds you want, including the crazed laughter of the woman in that wonderful video!

You can still find the mask for sale but, predictably, the third party sellers on Amazon have bumped up the price: Star Wars The Force Awakens Chewbacca Electronic Mask

And here are John's instructions for the hack: Happy Chewbacca Mask (Adafruit Industries)

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Chewbacca screaming like a teenage girl in a horror movie

By Tal Prints. See below for "Chebacca screaming like a grown man in a torture porn movie." [via Kotaku]

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Chewbacca boots

As a Star Wars fan, and self-proclaimed shoe diva, these boots make me tingle somewhere far, far away. They're available from Irregular Choice.

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