My podcast interview with John Hodgman

I interviewed the delightful John Hodgman about some of his favorite tools, and I learned many good tips from him (especially how to reverse sear a steak). As you probably know, John is a writer, performer, former PC, once the resident expert on the Daily Show, and now the author of two books of non-fake facts and true stories from his life, Vacationland and Medallion Status. You can find him at Twitter @hodgman and on Instagram @johnhodgman.

Here are the links to the tools he talks about.

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John Hodgman's outstanding Vacationland: now in paperback!

I found John Hodgman's Vacationland to be a genuinely moving and hilarious read; and it has stuck with me in the year since its hardcover release -- now it's out in paperback, and Hodgman is touring with it. Read the rest

Adam Savage and John Hodgman cosplay as 'Twobacca' at Comic-Con

“My friend John Hodgman had never cosplayed before,” says Boing Boing pal Adam Savage, “So I invited him to walk the floor with me at Comic-Con as Chewbacca. (He's on the left.).”

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John Hodgman endorses Hillary Clinton

Comedian John Hodgman, who is incredibly well loved here at Boing Boing, today endorsed Hillary Clinton. Read the rest

Gweek 099: John Hodgman: RAGNAROK Netflix Special

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John Hodgman's comedy special John Hodgman: Ragnarok, debuted today on Netflix. Carla and I were given early access to the special, which we watched and enjoyed very much. John kindly spent his lunch hour on the set of The Daily Show yesterday to talk with me about the special.


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What do you think of the new Apple "genius" ads running during Olympics 2012 TV coverage?

The internets are a-flutter with critics of these new Apple ads. I'm not crazy about them. They feel like they're for Best Buy or something, not Apple. I do wish they'd just bring back John Hodgman. (via @nytjim) Read the rest

700 imaginary hobo names

John Hodgman reads 700 wonderfully evocative fantasy hobo names in this very long spoken word song poem. Here's an idea -- 700 cartoonists volunteer to draw one of the 700 hoboes listed here. I'll do #134: "Yum Yum Sinclair Snowball Eater." Read the rest