Nintendo's new cardboard extensions for Switch are blowing users away

Everyone is raving about Nintendo Labo, simple contraptions made with cardboard and circuits that turn a Switch into a whole new experience.

Via GQ:

Like a lot of Nintendo products, Labo has a weird name and a function that almost seems silly: It is, simply put, mostly cardboard. Cardboard that's precut for you to pop out and construct remarkably elaborate contraptions with moving parts and buttons, like a fishing rod with an actual reel, or a motorcycle handlebar with a working throttle and handbrake. Then you put your creations—called Toy-Con—together with a Nintendo Switch, and things get wild, in ways that you can probably imagine (combining the fishing rod with the Switch screen for a fishing mini-game) and ways that will blow your freaking mind, like making a fully-functional toy piano.

I GOT TO TRY NINTENDO LABO – Hands-On Preview!!! (YouTube / Thinknoodles)