A stuffed anteater is at the center of a huge nature photography scandal

Marcio Cabral won a Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, but he was stripped of his title after some claimed he used a taxidermied anteater, shown above, in his winning shot. Internet sleuths have been having a field day with the investigation ever since.

The stuffed anteater in the image sits at the entrance to the park where Cabral took his winning photo. Park officials note that it is not fixed to the ground in any way. In the meantime, people who can tell by the pixels are comparing the anteater with the one in Cabral's nighttime photo of an anteater dining at an anthill.

It's all quite interesting and amusing, though probably not for Cabral. What do you think? They seem to be different anteaters, but it could still be stuffed. They should probably bring in the only person who can say for sure: Chuck Testa.

A Closer Look at the Stuffed Anteater Photo Contest Scandal (PetaPixel)