Camping hammock an absolute must have

This Bear Butt camping hammock saved my Fourth of July.

One of my nieces is a teenager. Someday she won't be, but until then I have to be sure to have my Bear Butt camping hammock with me on family trips. Nothing else can legally silence her, not even her parents.

This $39 hammock is easy to set up, super comfortable and far easier to carry around than the one I used to lug with a frame. The Bear Butt comes with just the nylon hammock and two cord straps. It takes up less space than a pair of heavy hiking socks when packed, and magically silences screaming teenagers up when deployed. Seriously, it weighs next to nothing and magically calms teenage fits of rage.

My niece talks about "hammy-culture" and "hammy-life" when she climbs aboard. The hammock is easy to lounge in all day, or to wrap around yourself and sleep all night. What I know is… when child is in the hammock the kid aint complaining about everything!

Everything. Apparently my green/green hammock isn't a good color for her.

I really love having a hammock with me when camping. Wonderful for reading an afternoon away, or sleeping on a hot night, is there anything else to "hammy-culture?"

Ingeniously the Bear Butt packs into itself. A handy pocket becomes its tote sack.

Bear Butt Double Parachute Camping Hammock via Amazon