Vivere also makes the best chair hammock stand

Long-lasting and exactly what I wanted the Vivere chair hammock stand will be with me for years.

I have kept a Vivere double-hammock on my deck for nearly 10 years, in a super harsh marine environment. It has barely achieved a patina of corrosion. I and others have spent hours and hours swinging gently in it. Now, I have added a chair hammock.

I went with a Komorebi hammock chair, as the stand does not come with one of its own. This combo is super comfy and if I can remember to take the chair in at night it should last a very long time as well.

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Just look at this banana hammock

Bananas that are as ripe as depicted in this banana hammock do not ap-peel to me at all (yuk!), but I can't help but appreciate the effort nonetheless.

As Cory would write, just look at it.

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Camping hammock an absolute must have

This Bear Butt camping hammock saved my Fourth of July. Read the rest

Stop! Hammock time!

Spring is here, time to toss the ratty old hammock and get a new one! This $15 replacement hammock fits my stand well.

Couple years back I reviewed this fantastic hammock stand and hammock. I live in a harsh marine environment to say the very least, and the stand has held up amazingly well. It shows some patina but no real rust. I think I'll happily be using it for years to come.

Hammocks themselves are a different story. Normal wear and tear, forgetfully leaving them outside overnight, washing them in a machine washer and dryer, all destroy a hammock pretty quickly. Once every year or two I need a replacement. This $15 hammock is just great and will help make my Spring, Summer and Fall 2017 wonderful.

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