Kavanaugh denies sex assault claims on Fox News, says he was a virgin at the time (VIDEO)

Watch the full interview with Kavanaugh below.

Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh has now been credibly accused by multiple women of sexual assault. He gave Fox News an "emotional" and "intimate" interview, says Fox News, with his wife Ashley Estes Kavanaugh seated beside him as the traditional long-suffering female prop.

The content of the interview was creepy, weird, and reveals a lot about how the administration will likely retaliate against Christine Blasey Ford and others who accuse Kavanaugh of serious sexual misconduct.


"The truth is I've never sexually assaulted anyone, in high school or otherwise," Kavanaugh says on Fox News Channel's "The Story with Martha MacCallum."

"I want a fair process where I can defend my integrity," the federal judge says, "I know I'm telling the truth, I know my lifelong record and I'm not going to let false accusations drive me out of this process. I have faith in God and I have faith in the fairness of the American people."

"I will not be intimidated into withdrawing from this process," Kavanaugh wrote today in an unprecedented letter to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa).

"The coordinated effort to destroy my good name will not drive me out. The vile threats of violence against my family will not drive me out. The last-minute character assassination will not succeed."

From the Washington Post's coverage of the widely-viewed Fox News Kavanaugh sitdown:

In his letter, Kavanaugh said that those who are alleged to have witnessed the two events say either that they have no recollection, or that they simply did not happen.

Kavanaugh went even further in the Fox News interview. In one deeply personal exchange with MacCallum, Kavanaugh said that he was sexually inexperienced as a teenager.

"So you're saying through all these years that are in question that you were a virgin?" she asked.

"That's correct," he answered.

"And through what years in college, since we're probing into your personal life here?" MacCallum asked.

"Many years after, I'll leave it at that," Kavanaugh said. "Many years after."

Neither of Kavanaugh's accusers have said their encounters with him included sexual intercourse. Ford said Kavanaugh pinned her down on a bed and unsuccessfully sought to remove her clothes. She said he put his hand over her mouth when she tried to scream.

Ramirez said Kavanaugh exposed himself to her during a drinking game in their freshman year at Yale.