Heavy denim "Starfleet" jackets

I love the clothes from Volante Design ("Superhuman Streetwear"); their latest is the "Starfleet 2364" line of men's and women's jackets inspired by Star Trek: The Next Generation uniforms.

The jackets are made of heavy denim and are basically extremely well-styled/tailored biker jackets (like Volante's excellent Hacker jackets), partially or fully unzipping them and folding down their lapels takes them from "cosplay" to "cosplay adjacent" in an instant. They've got loads of interior and exterior pockets, and are double-stitched and come in "Command Red, Operations Gold, or Sciences Blue," sized 37 – 51, 55 (men), and 33 – 45 (women). They're made in New York City, retail for $315, and will ship by December 14th.