Here's Trump's weird graphic about Mueller on the lectern in the Rose Garden

"No Collusion No Obstruction." Got it.

Graphic design is their passion. This totally accurate infographic looks so powerful and compelling, it could only have been Photoshopped by a Trump intern in WordPerfect 1.0.

Here's the POTUS lectern in the Rose Garden from the speech in which Trump denied Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi's claims that he is "engaged in a cover-up."

Honestly it's really hard to argue with these compelling true facts.

Today in the Rose Garden, Donald Trump also said that these 'phony investigations' must end for an infrastructure deal. He repeatedly used 'the i-word' as a substitute for impeachment, the way I once used 'the c-word' for 'cancer,' the week i was diagnosed and utterly terrified by it.

Hope he's just as terrified at the inevitability of losing power.

It's coming, Donald.


Twitter churn, below. What a weird world America is right now, folks.

[image via Steve Herman of Voice of America]