No apology from lawmaker charged with punching wife in face

Douglas McLeod, (R-Lucedale), a Mississippi state representative accused of punching his wife in the face after she failed to quickly undress for sex, has released dual his-n-hers statements in which he does not apologize and in which she doesn't "claim to be perfect."

He complains of "fabrications and misrepresentations", but doesn't deny what he's accused of:

I would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to the friends, family and neighbors who have reached out in support and have offered their thoughts and prayers in this matter. While I would like to respond to some of the many fabrications and misrepresentations being reported and published by select media outlets and on social media, I will reserve addressing these until after the process is complete. Our family appreciates your continued thoughts and prayers and ask that our privacy be respected until such time as the facts are known.

The way Michele McLeod's much longer and more elaborate statement accepts some blame—"While Doug nor I claim to be perfect, the twisting of information has misrepresented me and the truth"—is especially creepy.

The Sun Herald cites the police reports, which cite Douglas McLeod himself.

The Sun Herald first published the contents of the sheriff's report taken after the incident at their house last Saturday night, May 18. According to the investigative report, a drunken Mcleod punched his wife in the face, bloodying her nose. He told officers he felt it was taking her too long to undress for sex.