Halloween Costume: Lunar Module Costume: Big Sis Lunar Lander, Little Sis Astronaut (with flag)

The photo is priceless.

The video, I can't even.

"Lunar Module (Charlie) and Astronaut (Ellie) Costume 2019."

From their proud parent:

With the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, Charlie and I had been reading about the Apollo 11 mission and Neil Armstrong — and I cannot recommend the book "I am Neil Armstrong" highly enough.

Charlie (age 5) is the lunar module itself, and her little sister Ellie (age 2) is an astronaut.

Charlie enters the costume by crawling underneath and there is a pair of shoulder straps that she uses to lift the entire costume. The costume looks heavier than it is — it's almost entirely made of foam and foamboard. The front hatch magnetically closes and magnetically stays open, and doubles as a candy sample input port. The ascent stage (top part) separates from the descent stage (bottom part with landing pads) as you'll see below.

Check out the embedded IMGUR gallery at the bottom of this blog post for the whole step-by-step, and lots more cute images of the kids.

Past costumes:

• 2017 Squid.

• 2018 Horseshoe Crab.

• 2018 (Ellie) Traffic Cone.


Lunar Module (Charlie) and Astronaut (Ellie) Costume 2019