'It's Lieutenant Colonel Vindman, please'

Devin Nunes is such an idiot.

During his public testimony in hearings on the impeachment of Donald Trump, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman corrected ranking Rep. Devin Nunes when Nunes incorrectly and mockingly referred to the military man as "Mr. Vindman."

Nunes (R-CA) was throwing questions at Vindman and referred to him as "Mr. Vindman," instead of his military title.

"Mr. Vindman, you testified in your deposition that you did not know the whistleblower," said Nunes.

Vindman replied:

"Ranking member, it's Lieutenant Colonel Vindman, please."

Vindman, 44, was America's top specialist in Ukraine for the National Security Council at the time of President Trump's July 2019 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.