House approves Trump impeachment articles

A Democract-led U.S. House of Representatives committee on Friday approved charges of abuse of power and obstruction against manifestly unfit U.S. president and obvious Russian puppet Donald Trump.

The Republican, Putin-aligned shitheel will almost certainly now become the third U.S. president in history to be impeached.

The House Judiciary Committee voted 23 (Mostly Ds, yes) to 17 (Rs, no) along party lines to approve an article of impeachment that charges Donald Trump with abuse of power in the "drug deal" campaign to bully Ukraine into a phony investigation of Joe Biden and his son.

The committee then voted on a second article, same margin of votes, that accuses Trump of obstructing Congress' investigation of his hijinks in Ukraine by ordering White House officials not to cooperate with the impeachment inquiry.

From Reuters:

The full House, where the Democrats hold a majority, is likely to approve the charges next week, completing the impeachment process and sending Trump for trial in the Senate within weeks. But the Republican-led chamber is unlikely to vote to find the president guilty and remove him from office.