New Hostess iced lattes flavored like Twinkies, Ding Dongs, and other snack cakes

Now you can drink your way directly to diabetes with a newly announced line of Hostess brand bottled iced lattes — yes, that means they're flavored like snack cakes. Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Honey Bun, and Sno Balls to be exact.


Twinkies Iced Latte bottles up the magic of the classic golden sponge cake flavor combined with creamy notes. Ding Dongs Iced Latte is full of rich chocolate flavors with wonderful vanilla tones. Honey Bun Iced Latte has a delightful honey flavor, finished with hints of glazed icing. Sno Balls Iced Latte combines flavors of coconut and sweet chocolate cake.

"This partnership checks all the boxes in our continued efforts to innovate for our beloved core brands, as well as bring consumers more ways to enjoy our products," said Chad Lusk, Chief Marketing Officer, Hostess Brands. "Whether one's 2pm-slump antidote is a sweet snack or a coffee run, they no longer need to choose."

These will appear in the market come April but their similarly flavored "single serve brew cups" are available now.

(Oddity Mall)
image via Oddity Mall