Joe Biden campaign upgrades typeface

The Joe Biden campaign just got a typeface upgrade.

Hunter Schwarz writes today at his Yello newsletter about the Democratic presidential campaign's design overhaul, as it pivots toward the general election in November.

From Hunter's newsletter Yello:

Biden campaign senior creative adviser Robyn Kanner tweeted on Saturday that the campaign was using two new typefaces: Decimal and Mercury. Their first prominent use was a Fourth of July video posted by former Vice President Biden, though they had previously been used in some smaller digital assets.

Decimal, a sans-serif typeface released in September 2019, was inspired by the type on vintage watches, while Mercury, a serif typeface released in 1999, was designed for newsprint and to be adapted for different printing presses.

In a statement to Yello, Kanner said these typefaces were chosen because of the message they send about truth.

"This campaign is about the battle for the soul of the nation," she said. "That battle needs to be fought and won with the truth — the American people deserve that much. To that end, Decimal and Mercury were chosen based on their roots in the truth."

[IMAGE CREDIT: @teamjoebiden/@joebiden/Instagram]