Robot-fronted band Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra's latest: "Sea Anemones (aka Shark Wigs)"

Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra is what happens when a band is fronted by a robot, named SPO-20, and is backed by a mad scientist (ie. a human). San Diego-based Professor B. Miller is that mad scientist and he is giving Happy Mutants the opportunity to view the music video for band's latest single first.

"Sea Anemones (aka Shark Wigs)" is the title and this is what he shared with me about it:

It's awfully weird… on the surface it's about sharks wearing another creature as a wig that underneath is really a criticism of our culture's obsession with image and beauty and how it's marketed. Definitely not for everyone.

(Professor, this is Boing Boing. You must know that we were born for the "awfully weird.")

Something cool to note: Because he couldn't film a traditional music video due of the pandemic, the good Professor designed what are essentially a series of screen-printed concert posters. He took the separated color layers and animated them independently which produced that trippy effect you saw in the video.

Also, to coincide with Shark Week, the band is releasing its nautical-themed album, "Lost at Sea," this Friday, August 14th (pre-order now). Look at how the 12" EP is laser-etched! John K. Peck (McSweeney's) provides the liner notes (Dr. Demento has in the past).