Rolling blackouts warning for 3 million California homes

The agency that runs the electrical grid in California has warned state residents that some 3 million homes may be subjected to rolling blackouts to manage the surging energy demands caused by an ongoing extreme heat wave. Death Valley, CA saw a high of 130 degrees Fahrenheit on Sunday, a record temperature, and a bad omen for heat to come.

From Reuters:

Officials for the California Independent System Operator estimated that peak electricity consumption on Monday would likely exceed available supply statewide by as much as 4,400 megawatts – roughly equivalent to the amount of power needed by 3.3 million homes.

A lapse of that magnitude would mark the most severe shortfall to strike California's grid since 2001, the last time utilities in the state essentially rationed energy in the form of rolling blackouts, said Ralph Cavanagh, energy co-director for the Natural Resources Defense Council, an environmental group.

More at Reuters.

California faces rolling blackouts again as 'heat storm' strains electrical grid