How to bake bread that looks like your face

A loaf that resembles your own face seems like a wonderful idea for Halloween dinner. At MAKE:, Matt Merkel Hess explains how to do a plaster cast of your face and then use it to make a terra cotta baking dish that will be the bread mold. Seems you could also use your face dish to create a jiggly Jell-O self-portrait. From MAKE:

I made these self-portrait baking dishes for a 2014 fundraiser at the haunted Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills, to benefit the nonprofit LAXART. I was trying to make something that was a bit spooky and interactive. The final project was presented in the kitchen, where the bread was sliced and toasted, and then guests could add butter, jam, and honey. It was a really fun project, and I enjoyed each step of the way.