Trump declares classical architecture D.C.'s official style, all federal buildings must now be 'beautiful'

As thousands die each day from the pandemic, outgoing President Donald Trump signs an executive order that declares classical architecture is the official style in D.C., and that all new federal construction shall henceforth be "beautiful."

Nope, not a joke.

These can be reversed by Biden, it's just so dumb.

At least he stopped short of the all-out ban on modern architecture that was proposed earlier this year.

From Bloomberg News:

Under the order, a "Council for Improving Federal Civic Architecture" will be formed to recommenced updates to the General Services Administration's architectural guidelines.

The administration has been writing the executive order for months, and an early draft that would have banned modernist design prompted condemnation from the American Institute of Architects and the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

"Architecture should be designed for the specific communities that it serves, reflecting our rich nation's diverse places, thought, culture and climates," the AIA said in a statement. "Architects are committed to honoring our past as well as reflecting our future progress, protecting the freedom of thought and expression that are essential to democracy."

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