Trump's DC hotel hiking prices on the day QAnon thinks he's being sworn in as pres

QAnon, like any good conspiracy movement or cult, adapted quickly to failed prophecy. Adherents now believe that the date of the second coming of Trump, and his reinauguration as president, is March 4. To profit from this, Forbes reports, Trump's D.C. hotel has hiked prices on that date. Would you pay $1,331 for privilege of spending the night there on the big day? Suzanne Rowan Kelleher:

Whether you call it price gauging or simply opportunistic marketing, big rate hikes make sense on several levels. For starters, the hotel may be leveraging its appeal with QAnon followers to bring in more money during these tough pandemic times. … Trump has often been accused of wielding his politcal power with an eye for self-dealing. His D.C. hotel, just blocks away from the White House, has been a favorite venue for Republican events, raking in $3.2 million from political groups since Trump announced his presidential campaign in 2015. And when you add in Mar-a-Lago, Trump Doral and other Trump properties, that figure soars to $23 million earned off of political events since 2015.