If the GameStop drama is over your head, this stock and cryptocurrency training can break it all down.

Exploding like a supernova in our news feeds, the GameStop stock controversy has spawned hot takes from virtually every corner of the world and shows little sign of slowing down yet. 

And while everybody's got an opinion about GameStop, Reddit traders, hedge funds, the SEC and essentially any element of what led to this Wall Street chaos, one thing is certain — very few people have any idea what they're actually talking about.

The ins and outs of what really makes the stock market work might as well be black magic to most of us. But as the past couple weeks have shown, the right knowledge at the right time can turn even a Roaring Kitty into a millionaire in a matter of minutes. The Complete Stock and Cryptocurrency Investment Toolkit Bundle explains it all.

Over 11 courses packed with more than 54 hours of in-depth instruction, even a complete investment newbie can get a grasp on how stock trading works, how to start a portfolio, and how to make smart investment decisions, even in crazy volatile sectors like the wild cryptocurrency markets.

Despite all the market complexities and jargon, courses like Complete Stock Market Starter Toolkit for Beginners and Learn How To Trade Penny Stocks: 10 Easy Steps can help any student ease in slowly. This training answers basic questions about investing, lays out some of the simple tools and elementary steps to start trading, and even some of the technical analysis needed to buy and sell stocks safely.

Of course, knowing how to read the market tea leaves is where a savvy investor can truly make their bones. Further coursework can sharpen your analytical skills, outlining how to build an investment framework for evaluating any stock idea, how to spot potential red flags, and how to use advanced technical analysis like the Elliott Wave Theory for even more precise and accurate data on your investment plan.

This collection also includes a handful of courses in cryptocurrencies, from the Beginner's Guide to Cryptocurrency Investing and Cryptocurrency Mastery: How to Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and More. Here, learners uncover how cryptos are created, what drives their turbulent market swings, and even understanding the technology for crafting a cryptocurrency of your own.

You can jump into the investing pool with both feet with The Complete Stock and Cryptocurrency Investment Toolkit Bundle, an $1,815 package of training on sale now for just $39 while this offer lasts.

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