Harry Styles sports phallic banana necklace

Something you may have missed while watching Harry Styles perform at the Grammys Sunday was NOT his faux fur boas. Styles changed to different colored boas (chartreuse, lilac and black) several times and we caught every one and applauded that they matched whatever Gucci outfit he was wearing. Certainly that was high fashion but it may have also served as a ploy to distract from something dangling on a chain around his neck the whoooole time. A penis in a banana peel pendant, also by Gucci.


But if you were one with a sharpshooter's eye and saw it you were not alone, because enough people noticed the unpeeled schlong and ordered it for $450. Gucci lists the pecker in a banana suit pendant on necklace as unavailable. But as of this post you can still order the banana bracelet for $350.

This is probably not the same viewers/buyers who bought up The Brady Bunch's Christopher Knight (a.k.a. Peter Brady) patio chairs because they saw it being sat on by Harry (not Styles, the former royal one), Meghan Markle and Oprah Winfrey in the recent blockbuster interview. On the Venn diagram of people who bought Brady chairs and banana dick jewelry there is probably the slightest sliver of some very cool person probably lounging in Ibiza.