There's now a miniature model of that naked man chasing the wild boar that snatched his laptop bag, and the photographer is displeased

Remember last year's viral photo (seen below) of a nude man chasing a wild boar that had swiped a bag containing his laptop computer? Now, Busch model train company has turned the scene into a miniature plastic model set! Adele Landauer, the person who snapped the original photo, is not pleased. From The Guardian:

Landauer told the tabloid Bild: "I had a huge amount of work due to that picture, but financially I got nothing from it. I don't like the fact that others are now earning money from it without asking me."

A spokesperson for Busch, the company behind the action set, has said "sales are going well".

At the time the picture went viral, Landauer said that the man in question had given his permission for her to post the image on social media. His identity has never been made public, so it is unclear what he makes of his latest depiction.