Woman arrested after using RentAHitman.com to hire a hitman

Wendy Lynn Wein, 52, of Rockwood, Michigan, wanted her ex-husband dead. Given that this is the age of online shopping, she visited RentAHitman.com to hire someone to do the deed. Unfortunately for her (but fortunately for her ex-husband), the site isn't really a way to link up with murderers but rather a "cybersecurity test site," according to local media. Wein completed a "service request form" to help with an "issue" involving her ex-husband. The site's owner was worried so he called the cops. From MLive:

Despite using a pseudonym, Wein completed the request with her personal identifying information, officials said.

[…] An undercover officer posed as a hitman on July 17 and met with Wein in a South Rockwood parking lot, police said.

During the meeting, Wein offered the undercover officer $5,000 to kill her ex-husband and provided him with an upfront payment to cover travel expenses out of state, police said.

Wein has pled guilty to a solicitation of murder charge.