Shark Conservancy Discovers "very Chunky" Great White

On November 3, 2021, the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy posted the following update on Facebook:

There are some sharks that make our data team stop and take a double-take. One of our data team members was analyzing GoPro footage, they came across this very chunky, male, white shark. Our data team can assume that the shark recently ate due to the size of its stomach.

Some commenters insisted that the great white shark in the photograph was in fact named Bruce, and that Bruce did not appreciate the condescending judgements about his size.

One week later, the Conservancy also shared a video of another local great white shark, this one affectionately named Snoop Dogg. Curiously, the organization refrained from body shaming Snoop Dogg in the way that it had done for The Shark Who Shall Be Known As Bruce.

At press time, Bruce the Very Chunky Shark could not be reached for comment. But if you plan to be anywhere near the Cape Cod coast, well, you're gonna need a bigger boat.

Researchers warn of 'very chunky' shark in the Atlantic [Gustaf Kilander / The Independent]