"Making Fun" is a new building challenge show coming to Netflix in March

I'm excited to finally get to share news of a new Netflix show from friends Jimmy DiResta and John Graziano (along with Pat Lap, Derek Forestier, and Paul Jackman).

Called Making Fun, each week, these four master makers are challenged by children to bring crazy kid ideas to life. Apparently (and maybe not surprisingly, given their half-pint taskmasters), lots of farts and unicorns seem to be involved.

Making Fun will premier on Netlix on March 4th.

Update: Folks on social media were quick to point out that this show concept is alarmingly similar to a YouTube channel called Kids Invent Stuff. It is indeed, although the Making Fun folks say it's simply a case of parallel thinking. They say they didn't know about Kids Invent Stuff until after they'd wrapped production. Give this channel some love, too. It's great.

Image: Screengrab