Mountain of stolen bikes in man's backyard visible on Google Earth satellite image

Police in Littlemore, England found a mountain of allegedly stolen bicycles in a man's backyard. The pile of two-wheelers was so large it was visible in a Google Earth satellite image. From Oddity Central :

"A large number of bicycles, believed to be stolen, have been recovered from the property. Officers are currently in the process of identifying ownership of these bicycles," a police spokesperson recently told news reporters[…]

Apparently, bikes have been brought to the property by the van-load for years, both at nighttime and during the day.

"I started reporting his festering collection of bikes four years ago, but it's been going on for about five years," 53-year-old Colleen Butler said. "I made the first report because the amount of bikes was just ridiculous. There must have been at least 500 of them. When I spoke to him he said they were going to be sent to Africa for needy kids but, as you can see, they never went to Africa."