These Durex ads from the 2000s are priceless

I'll never understand why R-rated ads don't exist. Whenever a brand gets skittish about the controversy surrounding a show or performer they sponsor, they usually jump ship and withdraw their patronage for fear of negative association. Why don't they just lean into it?

In the age of target ads that obey the algorithm, why doesn't every brand have a mature line of commercials that acknowledges their adult demographic? Imagine an R-rated commercial that humorously focuses on the alternative uses of a smartphone's camera. Or a VPN ad that doesn't have to pull any punches.

The creative and hilarious ads for Durex condoms featured above are the closest thing we'll probably get to R-Rated ads in this lifetime. Condom ads usually have a leg up on the competition- no pun intended- when it comes to crafting funny ads. Having to advertise the utility of their product without being explicit has created some hysterical condom commercials, but I wonder what they'd be like with the handcuffs off- or on. Whatever you're into, folks, I'm not here to kink shame.