Watch: Roger Stone tells Trump, "Ron DeSantis is a piece of sh*t"

Patriot Takes says this video was recorded at Mar-a-Lago over the weekend. It begins with Trump telling some offscreen people, "Have a good time tonight." As he's about to take his seat at the table, he spots Roger Stone and walks toward him. "Roger! My man, didn't even see you. How could I not see you?"

The two men briefly embrace, and Stone says, "How are you? God bless you."

Trump utters something unintelligible, and Stone leans in toward Trump and says, "Get this: Ron DeSantis is a piece of shit."

Trump nods a bit, but it doesn't appear to be a nod of agreement. It's more like a nod of someone saying "Enough, enough." Trump immediately turns away, seemingly wanting nothing to do with Stone. But Stone isn't done talking, he leans in again and says something unintelligible. Trump makes another attempt to get away, and Stone has to raise his voice to get a final word in. Only a few words are clear: "put pressure on."

What kind of pressure and against whom? Stone's recent Telegram post provides a clue:

I am a big believer in loyalty. Ron DeSantis would not be Governor of Florida without the Republican primary endorsement of president Donald Trump nor would he be Governor without the extraordinary effort in the closing days of the election by President Trump to drag DeSantis across the finish line. While DeSantis has been a good governor I believe he should tell the former president that he will step aside if Trump decides to run in 2024. DeSantis has not done SO therefore I will not stop criticizing him for disloyalty until he pledges not to get re-elected and then abandon Florida to run off to challenge the greatest President since Abraham Lincoln