Partner of fired police chief made "false claim of child abuse" against councilwoman who criticized chief

Vanessa Wilson was fired as police chief of Aurora, Colorado, and Aurora councilwoman Danielle Jurinsky was among Wilson's harshest critics. Wilson's partner, Robin Niceta, allegedly called in a false report of child abuse aginst Jurinsky in retaliation—an allegation that turned Jurinsky's life upside-down for weeks.

The phone records also show that Niceta texted someone at 7 p.m. that night — two hours after the abuse report was made — saying she had received a case about a councilwoman sexually abusing her child. Another employee at the Department of Human Services told investigators it was impossible Niceta would know about a hotline report two hours after it was made.

A search of Niceta's work laptop also found that someone searched "Danielle Jurinsky Address," "child abuse and neglect reporting hotline" and "does the child abuse hotline keep phone numbers in colorado" about five minutes before the abuse report was made on Jan. 28, according to the arrest affidavit.

Classic mom-tier opsec.

Note that Niceta was a local official who handled sexual abuse and trafficking cases, so well-placed to make Jurinsky's life hell with an anonymous call to the hotline. According to The Denver Post, an arrest warrant citing felony retaliation against an elected official has been issued, but Niceta was not, as of Monday, under arrest.