Kari Lake fan and photo buddy Ethan Schmidt: A lot of girls "wish they could get raped" (video)

Kari Lake's number one fan — depraved QAnon bully Ethan Schmidt, who likes to "hunt down" LGBTQ people and harass employees at pharmacies and places like PetSmart — says it's "weird" when girls say they've been raped.

"I'm so sick of these girls talking about how they've been raped," the anti-semitic Republican, who has also posted about "Jew hunting," says. "It's so weird, I've had so many different girls tell me they've been raped, and I guarantee they weren't even raped … at the time they liked it. … A lot of these girls wish they could get raped."

Lake, the GOP's gubernatorial nominee for Arizona, who enthusiastically posed with him (see second video below), has yet to publicly distance herself from Schmidt.

Front page thumbnail post: lev radin / shutterstock.com